What some of our customers have to say:


Dear Mr. Abbott:

My wife and I want to take a brief moment to thank you for installing the water filtration systems in our home.
As you know, I have been testing both municipal and private well water for the past ten years and my findings have continued to be quite alarming.
As we are supplied by municipal water, I have always been relatively satisfied with the quality of water I have received. After testing numerous water samples and learning more about the available contaminants that our lab and other labs are discovering. I thought it was finally time to take action to protect myself, my wife and our small children.
We are thrilled with the current quality of our water, as your shower head filter and in-line filter have drastically the contaminants that most concern me. There is no more smell, taste or detection of chlorine!! We can now drink a glass of water out of or tap with the security of knowing that the available contaminants are fully removed by the filters you installed.

I have taken the liberty of analyzing both my raw and filtered water and have enclosed a copy of the test results for your review. I am certain that you will be pleased witht he before and after findings.

Once again, thank you.

Earthwise Analytical Laboratory

Randolph L. Boncek
Vice President


Dear Mr. Abbott,

Thank you so much for the water filtering system you installed at the Center It was very kind of you to provide both the materials and the labor.

Both the children and the staff are benefiting from your generosity.

Thank you again for being so thoughtful.


Gloria Hayes 
Executive Director 
Good Shepherd Day Care Center 
Milford, CT


Dear Dale: 
Sometimes it is necessary to take the time and energy to send appreciation for work that is outstanding, and represents service that matches. And that's what you deliver.

When my basement flooded - for the fourth time - you were there to help manage the crisis and to go out of your way to get the parts, and fix the machinery, and then to install the new pump, when the old one got overwhelmed, again. You were patient, reassuring, and prompt and efficient in your work.

The majority of your work now is the water business - so a few words of appreciation for that, as well.

I am super satisfied with the water purifier on my kitchen faucets - coffee, tea - and ice cubes taste better, not to mention a simple, glass of good, clear water. Since I had the shower head water purifier installed, I breathe easier in the shower, and my skin is less dry. So, a thank you for your good products, which you stand behind.

Since I felt the improvement was so major, I had the kitchen faucets on the two rentals in my home similarly outfitted. And my son thought the improvement and quality of the water was so good, he took his water purifier with him to Boston!

This letter has been a long time in getting sent. However, it attests to good service and excellent products for the past nine years.

Thank you, Dale, you do good work.


Joan Puknat Howell 
West Haven, CT


Dear Mr. Abbott:

I am writing to let you know of my satisfaction with your Sprite shower filter product. I have had your product in my home for approximately a year and have found it to be very beneficial to me. I find that my skin is softer and requires less application of creams, etc.

I find it most helpful with my hair as I am able to prolong the time between colorizing my hair by at least two weeks and I find that there is very little change in the hair color as the weeks progress. My hair has a finer, softer texture and my scalp is not as dry as before.

I also find that I am consuming less water for showering and enjoy the adjustable water flow positions.

I am a satisfied customer and would not hesitate to recommend your product. I have received many cost saving benefits from the Sprite shower filter.


Joanne Auger 
West Haven, CT


Dear Mr. Abbott:

I wanted to thank you so much for your help with my project! Water was a great topic and you enabled me to write an interesting and informational report about it. When my science teacher assigned the project I was at a loss for what to do. I had already gone through many topics when my mother mentioned you.

We just moved from Maine and she was very concerned about the drinking water. Because we were very close to a large city, she questioned the cleanliness of the water. Even though we drank bottled water, she was not convinced it was up to her standards. She had heard about you from a flyer and set up an appointment. I became immediately interested and began to jot down questions that I could ask you.

When you arrived and began to inspect our water and answer my questions, I was amazed at the amount of information you knew. Every question I asked, every doubt I had, you had an answer for it. What impressed me the most was the fact that not only were you aware of the information, but you were doing something about it. You were making a difference. My mother was also impressed, to the point where we bought a filter for our sink and shower. The difference in taste and smell is shocking. Best of all is that I don't have to worry about things that I can't see.

Needless to say I wrote my report on drinking water. I covered the hazards of water, the purification process and it's efficiency, and solutions to the problem. I received an A+! Not only was my teacher interested, but she was informed.

Thank you so much for all you've done for me. I hope that you continue spreading the word!

Katy Sample 
New Haven


To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to serve as a catalyst. The subject: water, and the man who helped me, my family, a dear friend, and countless others, I am sure: Dale Abbott.

Two and a half years ago I contracted Lyme Disease and became very ill. I was put on intravenous therapy and told to drink a gallon of water a day or risk damaging my kidneys from the medication. I couldn't stand the taste of my tap water, and I couldn't figure out how the tap water could be any good for me with all the "junk" in it; besides, it tasted like chlorinated swimming pool water. Then I met Dale Abbott.

Dale has dedicated over twenty-five years to studying this #1 essential need of the human body, water. I am a nurse and "health nut," and I care a great deal what I put into my body. After I took ill, the water I was told to consume was not making me feel any better. Dale helped me to understand why. (I swear he knows as much about water as God himself!) After heeding his advice and having him install filters in my home (Dale can give you the "lowdown" on every type of filtration system on the market), I compared the tap water to the filtered water. The taste alone was enough to convince me that something was very wrong with our public water supply, let alone the amount of garbage floating around in tap water -- cryptosporidium, chlorine, etc.

I could go on for pages praising Dale and the work he is doing in educating the public. (Besides, he is one of the nicest people you could know). A feature article on him and his work would make a great human services story.


Diana Landau McDowell 
Shelton, CT